Recipe for a great gathering

“Everyone who comes over asks the same question: how do i get one of these. It’s sort of like be the local ice cream vendor, just give ‘em a little treat and they will want more.”


Austin Hot Luck Festival

Austin – Capital city of the Independent Republic of Texas, and a very cool place.

Cowboy Cauldron Company and Butter Pat Industries were invited to the first-ever Hot-Luck Festival in that fair city; a live-fire only showcase of some of the best chefs in America. more

The Joan

Mike,  we got the pan!  Thank you so much. It actually is extremely impressive.  My wife loves it. I may just hang it on the mantle after all.  

We have a huge Halloween party this weekend and the cauldron will be our focal point outdoors.  Thanks for everything and thank you for the pride you take in your cauldrons. It shows.   more

Wood-Fired Traditions of Central Europe – Part 1

We think it is important to keep an open mind and an open eye. Without the curiosity to learn more, your options and your mind begin to close. Things are tough enough without going through life thinking you know it all. more

John C. Fink of The Whole Beast

“The Cowboy Cauldron is one of the best grills out there. It is highly portable, smartly designed and well-engineered. When not in use as a fire pit or grill, the Cauldron acts as an art piece.