The key is hominy, quality meat – and a Cauldron!


I sent you pictures yesterday–I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I have loved my cauldron!

We use it frequently for backyard entertaining for fires and love the warmth and atmosphere it creates.

One unexpected perk of the cauldron is the ability to elevate the level of the cauldron to a safe height to keep the open flame away from the kids (I have three under 5 years and knowing they can’t get their hands/hair near the flame is awesome). 

We just cooked in it for the first time recently….I made enough pozole to serve appetizers for 400 for a fundraiser at Henry Ford Hospital benefitting our patient needs fund (where pictures came from and why Michiganders were wearing cowboy hats in them). This was a great recipe for the cauldron I would like to pass along.

Thanks again for your wonderful product!

Seth Krupp
Medical Director

IMG_6142 IMG_6150

Memories in the Making

“My family grew up around this mountain meadow. Our oldest daughter decided this was the spot for her dream wedding. She and her husband love to camp so we set up a ” Glamping” outfitters tent with queen size bed and the works. The Cowboy cauldron was the perfect addition to the honeymoon & wedding festivities. Guests danced the night away under the stars & the cauldron chased away the night chill of the high mountains. Many a stories were told and memories made-thank you for a fantastic product!” — Scott from Big Marsh Creek, Oregon

Polar bear sightings at the North Pole!

“Hey Michael! Do you suppose all those polar bear sightings we’ve been having here at Seal River Lodge might have something to do with those delicious ribs your cooking? Master Chef Michael has once again proven there’s always a new and perhaps better way to cook his fantastic dinners and one way is outdoors on our new “Cowboy Cauldron”. The ribs tonight were melt in your mouth delicious and when pared with fine red wines brought rave reviews from grateful guests. As far as we know this Cowboy Cauldron is the first of its kind this far north in the Canadian Arctic which is definitely a little out of it’s “home range” . Chef Michael loves it and plans to make many more scrumptious meals in the great outdoors. Much thanks to Josh for firing that baby up and keeping it well stocked with wood.”

Mike Reimer
CHURCHILL WILD – World’s only polar bear eco-lodges, wildly remote

IMG_3767 IMG_3768 IMG_3769
No, this guy isn’t hunting polar bears. He’s TRYING to hunt snow geese, but they don’t like to land with a polar bear in the decoys!
Luckily, our new cast iron pans in the hands of a woman strike fear not only into errant husbands, but also into arctic carnivores!
This is a small bear. The back of one the size of a small iceberg can be seen in the back…

John C. Fink of The Whole Beast

“The Cowboy Cauldron is one of the best grills out there. It is highly portable, smartly designed and well-engineered. When not in use as a fire pit or grill, the Cauldron acts as an art piece.

Wall Street Journal

Cowboy Cauldron is honored to have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, in their Outdoor Decorating segment.

Blixt & Company

Lars Magnussen is one of the world’s foremost wingshooting instructors. He met his wife Jen — a Jackson, Wyoming native — when he hired her graphic design firm to create a corporate image for the only European-style Driven Shooting experience in North America. more

Pig Stock 2013

Hunka Hunk of Burnin’ Rub

Our good friend & Cauldron-master, Glenn Person from North Carolina brought his Cauldron to Pigstock 2013 – A Benefit for the Children of Vietnam.   more

A Hampton Burn

Cowboy Cauldron Owner, Mike Bertelsen, has mastered all things cauldron. His expertise carry over to the Hamptons where has picked up tips from him for grilling. more

Make a Fire without Matches

While owning a Cowboy Cauldron is definitely mannish, it isn’t absolute proof of a fully active, no-limits man-card — how you use your Cauldron matters, too. If you hose down a bunch of store-bought firewood with lighter fluid and toss in a match, you could have your man-card revoked. more