Cowboy Cauldron Fire Pits GrillOnly a true cook can fully appreciate the perfection of a Cowboy Cauldron grill. Our patent pending design is hinged in two places for access to fire or coals. The 40-20-40 design means that you will always have more than enough surface area to work with while you are adjusting heat. It also means that access is easy and accommodating enough to manhandle logs of any size – important if you are working with big pieces, like a half a lamb or a dozen or so racks of ribs. You will also notice that the grills are supported by trusses that span the entire width of the basin. This feature allows virtually unlimited carrying capacity with absolutely no danger of the grill sagging. Ever.

The grill also has loops to let you lift a side panel with your bare hands and hooks that not only hold the grill securely in place, but can hold barbeque utensils at the ready.

No other grill is as functional, durable, or versatile.