Cowboy Cauldron Fire Pits

Quite Simply, the World's Finest Outdoor Fire Pits & Grills

Cowboy Cauldron Company makes the world’s most beautiful, versatile and durable fire pits & grills. A stunning architectural feature, each Cowboy Cauldron fire pit is hand made in the USA, giving those who insist upon authentic craftsmanship the perfect combination of timeless quality and rugged sophistication.

Some of our Features

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  • Function

    Perhaps the very best feature of the Cowboy Cauldron is that you and your friends can pull up some chairs and gather around it. Look into the glowing faces of those closest to you and see the reflection of fire dance in their eyes. You and your circle of friends can put your legs underneath the basin and stay toasty and comfortable no matter how cold the evening. The Cauldron is also perfect for the man or woman whose spouse is a little cold sensitive. No longer will you be confined to entertaining indoors once the leaves begin to turn colors. And you can plan an Easter grill-out, no matter where you live!
  • Versatility

    Cowboy Cauldrons are designed to offer a range of uses, including: a Cauldron fire pit, a grill, and an architectural feature. Your fire pit Cauldron will radiate heat evenly in all directions, cook food evenly, and look beautiful in settings from rugged to elegant. The Cauldron is perfect for those chilly nights when you desire a distraction free world, but versatile enough to impress your guests with an outdoor cooked meal. Whether it is admired from a distance or utilized to bring people together, the Cowboy Cauldron is a must have piece of art. Please visit our blog for recipes and more information on how to get the most out of your Cowboy Cauldron fire pit and grill.
  • Grills

    Only a true cook can fully appreciate the perfection of a Cowboy Cauldron grill. Our patent pending design is hinged in two places for access to fire or coals. The 40-20-40 design means that you will always have more than enough surface area to work with while you are adjusting heat. It also means that access is easy and accommodating enough to manhandle logs of any size – important if you are working with big pieces, like a half a lamb or a dozen or so racks of ribs. You will also notice that the grills are supported by trusses that span the entire width of the basin. This feature allows virtually unlimited carrying capacity with absolutely no danger of the grill sagging. Ever.

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